517 Church Ministry Networks

A place where Christian leaders connect in the Greater Lansing Area


As a ministry leader, you will gain valuable access to a diverse, experienced, and knowledgeable group of Christian professionals, local church staff, and city resources for your ministry 24/7, 365 days a year. For much less than the price of a big conference, an expensive online course, or hours of leadership coaching; Explore at no cost and experience the value of connecting with peers and professionals in local ministry. 
This platform is brought to you by COGL Network.

“We've partnered with professionals to create this Ministry Network community to be a sane and practical home base to support today’s Christian leaders in the church, community, and marketplace. If you want to connect with generous, open, and honest people who truly want to see you succeed in leadership with Christ, this is the place to be.”

Adam Williams
Executive Director of COGL Network


What Christian Leaders Say

The network is doing an excellent job providing a place for Christian leaders to unite to see our city changed by Jesus. It's a great delight to be part of it and not feel alone!
- Wendy Waterson, Ministry Leader

The network is changing our city and surrounding neighborhoods by innovative groups of faith based volunteers reaching out to share their insight, expertise and time. We are very blessed to have such an initiative in Lansing!
- Alison Bono, Non-Profit Program Director

The network is serious about taking action for the Kingdom in Greater Lansing, MI. I praise The Lord for all you do!
- Sharon Dade, Non-Profit Network Director

The network is spirited in truth and kindness. The endeavors of the leadership to unite the body of Christ is strong and vibrant on so many different fronts.
- Kel Scott, Business Lawyer   


I have been connected with COGL Network since 2009. The community of people are amazing. Beyond just being connected, I have been able to partner through my business that has turned into a long-term relationship.  I highly recommend if you are in the Greater Lansing Area to get connected! 
-Matthew Thorpe, Small Business Owner 


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